From ignoble roots rise the greatest of heroes.  A village priest in disgrace is sent out to bring in the harvest with a band of petty thieves and accused cutthroats.  While there, events conspire to make a group of the rogues, and within days a catastrophe in the region has made young heroes of them all. 

            But with  glory comes the attention of darker eyes, and as the band of rogues grows in number and in might, they are stolen away from the world they knew and hurled into a dark miasma of a world thriving on dread.  These two worlds form the crucible from which greatness is drawn. 

            By the end, dozens of heroes will face myriad villains in wars that escalate to shake the Heavens and reform the Hells.  All of this from a band of misfits thrown together on a work detail in the countryside of Damara.  All of this from a small, insignificant group of vagabonds.