Campaign Three

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Adventure Five

The Legend of Ivan Abominus

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The Legend of the Ravenís Return

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The Legend of Briar English


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The Legend of the Iron Spurs









Campaign Three

Adventure Five:


The Legend of Ivan Abominus:

††††††††††† Many years ago a party of young graduates left the city of Waterdeep to seek their fates.They were led by a fairly intense pair of wizards, Ivan and Michael.Though young and just out from the magic academy, both showed a great degree of power, and an insatiable lust for more.

††††††††††† With them rodea half-elfin fighter named Joshua, a bold yet sinister knight named Kestrel, and the winsome thief Shekkel.Just out side the city, they encountered Ivanís longtime mistress, the drow necromancer Lydia.

††††††††††† Lydia held three maps, written in some ancient, coded language.She had stolen them from the temple of Lolth, believing the keys to the codes to be within them.Only one had been decoded, however.

††††††††††† The single map led them on a perilous quest south and east into a tall range of mountains.Here they found the tombs of an ancient guild of highsorcerers.After painstakingly bypassing the cunning traps and defeating the bound guardians the guild had left behind, Ivan and his party looted the tombs of everything of value.In one chamber, Shekkel came across the code key for the second map Lydia had stolen.

††††††††††† Equipped with newfound magic, the group prepared to set out on a journey northward into Anauroch, the Great Desert.But the priests of Lolth had found them, and there was a great battle.Here, Shekkel was sorely wounded and Joshua died.

††††††††††† Fleeing, the party came to a small village.They evaded the drow and sought refuge there.Practicing powerful necromancies, Ivan reincarnated Joshua as a hobgoblin.

††††††††††† Seeing this, the townspeople tried to drive the adventurers off, but the tables were turned.Sir Kestrel set himself up as the local baron, and the people were forced into subjugation.

††††††††††† Though Michael, who had fallen in love withShekkel, did not believe Shekkel should move yet, the party left Sir Kestrel and moved north into the desert.

††††††††††† The second map led to a powerful artifact of necromancy.It had fallen into the hands of a group of dervishes.They laid plans to claim the item and abscond to Kestrlís lair, but those plans went awry.Shekkel was caught and slain.

††††††††††† Ivan wanted to formulate another plan, but Michael fell on the town with a vengeance.He unleashed terrible magicks upon the people, slaughtering most.In the confusion, however, a small band of protectors took the artifact to shelter.

††††††††††† There was a terrible argument between Michael and Ivan that nearly came to blows.When it was over, Ivan and Lydia went off on their own.Left behind with Joshua, Michael followed darksome rites to transform Shekkel into a mummy.Though never the same as she was, Shekkelís presence gave Michael a shred of sanity onto which he could cling.

††††††††††† Across the desert, Ivan and Lydia arrived in Shadowdale.There, they encountered the evil pair of Saladin, the archpriest, and his ogre bodyguard Sergei.Upon hearing of the artifact and its legendary powers, Saladin (who considers himself the harbinger of the Nine Hells) quickly fell in with Lydia and Ivan.

††††††††††† Years passed, and Ivan eventually found the artifactís hiding place in Thay.In a titanic battle with drow and the red wizards, the necromancer proved his mettle by destroying many of his foes and escaping with the artifact unscathed.

††††††††††† A month spent pondering the artifactís abilities led to Ivan cracking the itemís defenses and learning many of its secrets.He also learned that the third maps led to a gate to darkness in Damara.

††††††††††† In his excitement, Ivan teleported about to his many allies.First to Sir Kestrel, who had been transformed into a death knight during a nearly successful attempt on his life).Kestrel hollowly agreed to accompany his old friend.

††††††††††† Next, Ivan traveled to visit Michael.The deathmaster, now a power in his own right, agreed to travel once more with Ivan to find the end point of the third map.With him came Shekkel and Joshua.

††††††††††† Not trusting their old companions, Lydia decided to work a spell of her own, conjuring a hellish beast from Pandemonium, the slaad Schnell.

††††††††††† Together again and far more powerful than ever before, the adventurers set out for Damara on the backs of nightmares.Their goal was the same as it had always been from their youthful days long agoóThe gate of darkness at the end of the third map Lydia had stolen.






Campaign Four

Adventure Two:


The Legend of the Ravenís Return:

Raven, after beingkilled, was so full of rage and hatred that he was turned into an undead odem by the darkest powers within the Mists.†† His only wish is now to kill Darien ekíDanten and cause pain to everyone else who was in the original group.He roamed the Lands of Mist in his new form searching for Darien, always one step behind him.

In his travels he hooked up with an assassin imp, whom he convinced he was a powerful demon.When Raven finally did find the group, they stepped through the portal to escape the domains.Raven was naturally invisible, so he sneaked through, as did his companion the imp, who could turn invisible itself.

Unfortunately, when they stepped through the portal they ended up in different locations in the Realms.Once again, Raven had to search for Darien.As he searched over the Realms with his imp companion, he devised many ways of killing Darien.

Finally, he caught up with the group.In many instances he took control of a monster and tried to kill Darien, but always he escaped.

When the Lands of Mist themselves came into the Realms, Raven fled and hid, fearing that the Mists would sense him and deprive him of his revenge.He never found out what happened to Darien.When the Mists were vanquished and sent away, Raven took up his activities again.He skulked around Damara thinking of the perfect way to exact his vengeance.

Ten years passed and then he found his time.The new baroness was planning to send the Vagabonds to Procampur for a banquet.This was where he would strike!






Campaign Four

Adventure Thirteen:


The Legend of the Iron Spurs:

††††††††††† The tragedy of Sir Tristan Iron Spur is sung throughout the Realms when the lights are dimmed and the children are put to bed.Nowhere is it more heartfelt, though, than in icy Damara, where the knight was born and raised.It was there that tragedy first struck.

††††††††††† Tristan was the son of a proud warrior and a noble priestess and was raised to be the bravest of cavalier paladins.Nothing daunted his courage nor stayed his just right hand.He had two siblings: Vincent, his elder brother by three years, and Victoria, his younger sister by two.

††††††††††† Besides the acolyte Mitregand, Tristanís brother and sister were his closest, most trusted friends.Vincent had been sworn into the service of the church upon his eighteenth birthday, as would Tristan.And at last the day of reckoning came.

††††††††††† Tristan and Mitregand were in the temple preparing for the ceremony ahead of them when a massive red dragon flew down upon those gathered outside.A frightened priest barred that temple door and would not allow Tristan and Mitregand outside.When finally they got past the cleric, they found a bloody, horrid sight.

††††††††††† Of all Tristan Iron Spurís relatives, only his sister survived, and she has been carried west by the man who rode on the dragonís back.Tristan was sworn into the service of the church and his first duty as paladin was to bring that man to justice.

††††††††††† Sir Tristan and his friend Mitregand set out at once.Along the way they met with the druid of the Silver Scimitars, Lee OíGrady.Soon after, they met the weathered, withered elfin mage, Alastor Grayleaf.Others came and went as they journeyed, but these four were the heart of the quest.

††††††††††† They found Victoria in the dragonís lair in the Galenas Mountains.In a pitched battle, Tristan, wielding his dead brotherís magnificent broadsword, severed the dragon riderís left hand.Wile these two fought, Alastor, Lee and Mitregand slew the dragon, some say with the aid of powerful magicks.

††††††††††† The dragonrider fell, but was merely feigning death.As Tristan held Victoria in his arms, he slew her from afar with a poisoned crossbow bolt, and then he fled.

††††††††††† Relentlessly, the party of four tracked the one-armed man.They never learned who he was or why he had struck.They found him again, several months later in a keep on the Sword Coast.

††††††††††† The keep was guarded day and night by ever-vigilant warriors and magi.Only by careful planning on Alastor Grayleafís part, using information gathered by Lee OíGradyís woodland friends, did the imposible come to be done.

††††††††††† In a daring night raid, the keep was infiltrated and taken from the inside out.Tristan waited outside with a dozen squads of Waterdhavian troops, charging in as the gates opened.The nameless man was slain, his reign of evil put to rest.

††††††††††† Tristan stood alone on the battlements till dawn.


††††††††††† With no family to care for, Tristan and his friends took their time going home.They righted wrongs the breadth of the Savage Frontier, despite the nativesí prejudice against Alastorís elfin blood.

††††††††††† Back in Damara, Tristan claimed his inherited land and settled into retirement.Mitregand advanced quickly through the church and stayed at his friendís side.Lee OíGrady became advisor to the Grand Druid and frequents Tristanís area.The mysterious Alastor Grayleaf vanished into the horizon, but villagers often speak of seeing an old and wrinkled, gray-haired elf walking the roads with a gnarled staff.





Campaign Six

Adventure One:


The Legend of Briar English:

††††††††††† Briar English was a mage before the rise of Myth Drannor.He traveled with a band of heroes known as the Lightbringers.He was renamed for kind-heartedness and generosity.He was always known as a level-headed man.

††††††††††† The Lightbringers developed a reputation as heroes.They were known as being analytical and never rushed into anything.Briar was the cornerstone of the group, having all of those qualities.He retired with all of the others, but he was driven on by an obsession to defeat a foe he referred to solely as the Evil One.The others did not share this obsession; their lifetime of victories against evil foes satisfied them.Only Briar pressed on.

††††††††††† The Evil One, according to Briar English, was a lower-planar or negative-energy creature that was trapped on his own plane.The other Lightbringers thought that it was defeated, but Briar insisted that the Evil One had the power to contact our plane and reality.He wanted to travel directly to its plane and confront it there.

††††††††††† In his dotage, Briar met with the former Lightbringers and tried to rally them for this quest. He believed that he had found a gateway to the Evil Oneís domain.One by one, each of his former companions declined his offer.Some stated outright their fears that opening a portal to the other realm may actually serve to free the Evil One into the Realms.

††††††††††† Unconvinced, Briar allied himself to a band of mercenaries.The band vanished within the Spiderhaunt Woods.Briar was never seen again, though it is widely surmised that he did not perish in the woods, but rather somewhere beyond the ancient gate in the Spiderhaunt that he sought to open.