Campaign One:


Dawn of a Legend

            A village priest in disgrace is sent out to bring in the harvest with a band of petty criminals and accused cutthroats.   Arthur Tully has no future ahead of him in the church, but he has no idea of the heights to which he will rise, with the rogues who are to become his best friends and trusted allies right now at his sides.





Campaign Two:


Lands of Mist

            Through tendrils of creeping mist, the heroes find that the land of Damara is far behind them.  Now, they must become familiar with a new landscape, and navigate untold horrors as they seek for a way home from another plane that holds onto its prey as closely as any dragon hoards its gold.






Campaign Three:


The Dark Powers’ Revenge

            Home!  But only for an instant.  Tribulations shake the worlds of Toril and also the Lands of Mist, and it appears that the Vagabonds may be at least partly responsible!  Drawn once more into darkness, the heroes must face greater foes than ever before to keep their childhood home from behind drawn wholesale into the Lands of Mist forever!






Campaign Four:


War of Evils

            As dukes of their own domain the vagabonds have their first real chance to relax and enjoy the finer aspects of life.   But it turns out that their many enemies are unwilling to let them rest so easily.  From one old foe to the next, the heroes find themselves marching headlong into an era far darker than anything they have faced before.  This evil is wholly of the Realms, and it threatens to cripple entire nations with an insidious might far greater than any army…






Campaign Five:


Bleeding Damara

            Arthur Tully is dead!  What will the heroes do, as enemies continue to arise, and their destruction of Chancellor Blacksprite threatens to unleash the greatest evil the Realms have ever known from what was intended to be an eternal prison?  From desperation to determination, the Vagabonds must rally and dig deeper than ever before to find a victory where all options are merely sorts of defeat.






Campaign Six:


The Darkest Realm

            Research of a band of heroes known as the Lightbringers leads the heroes to investigate another plane, but what they find there is something far more sinister than anything they could have anticipated.  A short series of adventures pits them against a villain who emulates a creature who has haunted the Vagabonds for decades.






Campaign Seven:


The War of the Shadow

            The heroes darkest hour.  The Lands of Mist are the battlefield as infernal powers seek to turn the tide of a war that long ago sifted the infernal from the celestial, and if the Vagabonds—and their new companions from Ergosia—cannot stem the tide of this war, then all of Creation will descend into Hell.






Campaign Eight:


To Save A Soul

            At the height of the War of the Shadow, Chaderick Taelon, the Darkstone Invoker, teleported to the northern city of Il Aluk.  There, he was damned with undeath as a lich.  His loyal friends now turn their eye toward a personal quest to do the impossible; namely, to restore life to their friend!